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Maryland First Title is a full service title and escrow company providing Maryland real estate closings, title insurance, title search, and escrow services since 1994. We offer timely and professional closings at times and locations that are convenient to our clients. Our attorneys and professional staff will guide you through your real estate transactions. Whether you are a real estate investor, lenders, Realtor, first time buyer, refinancing, persevering through a short sale, or closing on your dream home, we’re available to assist you every step of the way.
Over the past 15 years, Maryland First Title has closed billions of dollars in real estate transactions and has done so during some of the most flourishing and also some of the most challenging real estate markets. Maryland First Title is owned and operated by experienced real estate attorneys and we’re backed by one of the largest and best underwriters in the business: the Stewart Title Guarantee Company. Our experience and resources allow us to conquer even the most challenging title defects.
We are available for closings at your convenience – whether at your location or our office. Maryland First Title provides cost-effective, personalized service and attention in English and Spanish. And we’re happy to conduct closings after business hours. We have a simple motto when it comes to settlements: Any Time…Any Place!
Maryland First Title provides a full range of services to meet the needs of our clients. For more information, select from the list below or contact us directly using our contact form.
About Us
Real Experience
At Maryland First Title, our clients have access to experienced real estate attorneys and title professionals. Our attorneys and staff will work with you to guide you through the settlement process. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor, or a first time buyer, we’re available to assist you every step of the way.
Real Solutions
You can trust Maryland First Title to provide high quality service and value. We’re passionate about bringing a responsive attitude to both residential and commercial purchase and refinance transactions. Our Pre-Closing Department uses a creative approach that focuses on finding solutions to assist real estate professionals in closing their real estate transactions.
Real Convenience
We are available for closings at your convenience – whether at your location or our office. Maryland First Title provides cost-effective, personalized service and attention in English and Spanish. And we’re happy to conduct closings after business hours. We have a simple motto when it comes to settlements: Any time…Any Place!
Real Commitment
Settlement may be complete, but we’re still at work. At Maryland First Title we provide personal attention and customer service long after settlement. Whether there are issues following the closing or if the homeowner just needs a copy of their survey, our Post-Closing Department is ready to help. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
Real History
Maryland First Title has closed billions of dollars in real estate transactions and has done so during some of the most challenging real estate markets. Our experience and resources allow us to conquer even the most challenging title defects.
Agent Services
Real Estate Professionals
We understand how vitally important each and every customer relationship is to your business. Our goal is to ensure you to reap the benefits and future referrals that come from your ability to provide a satisfying start-to-finish home purchase experience for each of your clients. Maryland First Title is committed to helping your clients achieve the American Dream of home ownership. Our goal is to make the purchase of real estate a pleasurable and rewarding experience for the principals and their real estate professionals. To accommodate your clients, we will settle the transaction “Any Time-Any Place”. Our experienced staff will guide your transaction through the settlement process. Should any issues arise, we have experienced real estate attorneys ready to solve to most challenging title defects. Our goal is to provide a smooth closing and more referrals in the future for you!
Begin experiencing the difference of working with your Maryland First Title settlement services team today!
Lenders Services
Mortgage Professionals
Professional mortgage brokers, lenders and banks all over the country rely on Maryland First Title for their property title and loan closing and escrow services. Maryland First Title is a one stop resource for Maryland title searches, title insurance, title reports, title issue resolution, loan closings, or loan escrow services. Through our experience with mortgage lenders and brokers throughout the country, we have a customer service driven team that will get the job done. We do not leave until the job is done.
Our approach is simple- we work directly with mortgage professionals to do business how THEY want to do business. Our goal is to deliver a superior start-to-finish customer experience that will generate future business and referrals for years to come.
Our dedication and experience ensure your loan closing will get done efficiently and correctly. We anticipate issues that may arise, and we work with you to get these situations resolved immediately so your loan closes. The smoother the loan closing goes, the more referrals you will receive. You can rest assured we will do our very best to make that happen!
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The Six Basic Steps of Closing
You've found the home of your dreams and the seller has accepted your offer. The earnest money has been accepted, you have your loan approval in hand, and you and the seller have worked with your real estate agents to set the tentative closing date.
You have a million things to take care of: packing, scheduling movers, utilities and the kids' school records. But what actually happens in that period between contract and closing? To answer that, we’ve broken down the process into 6 basic steps:
1. Opening the Title Order Once the contract is signed, the road to closing begins. The first step on that road is to aquire a correct legal description for the property so the title work can be ordered.
2. Processing the File At this point, the property's tax information, loan payoffs, survey, if necessary, homeowner/maintenance fees, inspections/ reports, legal documents, hazard and other insurances as well as legal papers are ordered and title commitments/ preliminary reports are reviewed and sent out.
3. Title Search Copies of documents are gathered from various public records. Records searched include deeds, mortgages, paving assessments, involuntary liens such as judgments or federal tax liens, wills, divorce decrees and other documents affecting the title to the property. Documents are copied and delivered to the title examiner/attorney for examination.
4. Title Examination Documents found during the title search affecting the title to the property are examined in order to verify the legal owner of the property. Mortgages as well as other items in the “chain of title” such as easements, set-back lines and rights of way are documented. The title commitment, preliminary report, attorney's opinion or title report is produced, summarizing all findings affecting the property.
5. Document Preparation and/or Request to Produce Lender instructions/requirements are received and reviewed in addition to the title information and survey. Charges are assembled and settlement statements are prepared (HUD-1 statement for a residential loan). Affidavits or other forms are prepared by the title company.
6. Settlement/Closing the Transaction The long-awaited day of closing is overseen by the escrow/settlement officer. The seller signs the deed and the purchaser signs the new mortgage. The current mortgage is paid off and the new mortgage — secured by the real estate and the deed — is executed. The seller, real estate brokers, title company and other parties to the transaction are paid.
After the Closing
While you're shaking hands and exchanging keys, the settlement or escrow officer records the appropriate documents with the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The closing package is assembled and sent to the lender within 24 to 48 hours. Finally, the title policies are prepared and forwarded on to the owner and lender after the recording information is received from the county.
Congratulations — you're a new homeowner!
Required Seller pre-settlement activities
With the active participation of all the parties, settlement can be a stress-free and on-time experience. Sellers, either directly or through their Realtor are responsible for the following pre-settlement activities:
1. Make sure you or your Realtor submits the latest version of the contract of sale to Maryland First Title, especially any addendum or changes that affect the sales price, earnest money deposit paid, closing costs allocation or assistance.
2. Provide Maryland First Title with the full legal names of all parties who are in title to the property, including their marital status and names of their spouses. If you’re in title in the name of a Limited Liability Company, Corporation, Partnership, Limited Partnership or Trust, provide your closer with copies of any Articles of Organization, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Trust Documents prior to closing. These are required in order for Maryland First Title to verify the authority to convey the property.
3. Provide Maryland First Title with any instruments affecting title that may not be of record such as: Judgment of Divorce, Property Settlement Agreements, Death Certificates, Copies of Probate Proceedings, Bankruptcy Documents, Satisfactions of Mortgages & Judgments, Name Change Documentation, etc. Some documents may seem of limited value to you as they occurred quite some time ago. However, remember your chain-of-title can stretch for decades and unrecorded matters sometimes lead to gaps slowing down your sale process.
4. The automatic debit of mortgage payments is common place in today’s society. Having your mortgage payment drawn from your account every month is a great convenience. Many times the departments handling this service for lenders are not directly in touch with your mortgage company’s servicing departments. So it might be a good idea to consult you lender prior to closing about terminating this service. Remember, Maryland First Title will not be able to give you credit for any payment made less than 10 days prior to closing.
5. Are any of the Sellers or Seller’s spouses not going to be able to attend closing? If any party is unable to attend closing, they must either sign documents in advance or be represented by an attorney-in-fact at closing. Maryland First Title will need to review and approve any Power-of-Attorney prior to closing. You’ll also need to provide identification and contact information for the party granting the Power-of-Attorney.
6. If you have a mortgage or loans on the property you are selling, our office will disburse payoffs from the sale proceeds directly to the holders of those loans. (This is because you must convey title to the property "clear" of any such encumbrances.) This includes all first mortgages, second mortgages, and any equity lines of credit. In order to do so, we must obtain a written payoff statement directly from the Mortgage Company or lender holding those loans. We cannot do this without certain loan information from you, and we need this information as soon as possible to avoid delays and postponements of the closing.
We need: The name of the lender(s) or holder(s) of the loans; The lender's customer service telephone number; Your loan number for each loan that is secured by the property; and Your social security number.
7. If your property is located in a subdivision that is subject to a mandatory homeowners' association or condo association, it is necessary that we have information to contact the association's treasurer, secretary, or billing department. We must do so to ensure that all association assessments and dues for the property are paid to the date of closing and to arrange a proper pro-rata credit back to you for any dues that you have prepaid. Give your purchasers a copy of the Condominium Association Documents prior to closing for their review.
8. Provide Maryland First Title with your forwarding address. In handling your payoffs, we’ll need to provide your mortgage lenders with your forwarding address regarding refunds of any escrow deposits and overpaid amounts. We may also need to contact you for follow-up documentation.
9. Provide Maryland First Title with the social security numbers or EINs of all parties conveying title. The Internal Revenue Service requires closing agents to either account for or report all transfers via 1099 or Certification for 1099 Exemption. In the event one of the selling parties constitutes a foreign national, please notify Maryland First Title immediately so we may assist you with fulfilling the requirements of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA)
For Sale By Owner
Tips for selling your home
Potential buyers usually decide within minutes whether or not a home is right for them. As you prepare your home to go on the market, try to view it through the eyes of a buyer. We have provided some tips below to assist you in preparing to sell your home.
• A fresh coat of paint is fast, easy and affordable – consider repainting the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and other areas
• Use a neutral color scheme when making any decorating choices
• Neatness makes a home look bigger; avoid clutter
• Avoid too many personal items, such as family photos
• Cleanliness counts
• Make sure all closets and shelving units are straightened
• Make sure it is bright and attractive
• Consider new window treatments
• If the flooring is badly worn, replace
• Replace any loose or cracked tiles on counters and walls
• Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen sink or on the counters
• Clean and uncluttered counters add a sense of spaciousness
• Remove any appliances or decorative items from counters
• Repair any dripping faucets
• Always hang fresh, clean towels in the bathrooms
• Remove any stains from toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers
• Clean this room every morning
• Updating old fixtures can make a big difference
• Unclog sinks, bathtubs or showers that drain slowly
Living Areas/Bedrooms
• Make sure wall surfaces are in good shape – repair all cracks and nail holes
• Make sure the windows are in good condition; replace cracked or broken glass/torn screens and wash the windows
• Also, make sure windows open and close smoothly
• Check ceilings for leak stains
• Replace faded curtains or bedspreads
• If you have a fireplace, clean it out and put in fresh logs
• Replace burned-out light bulbs and make sure light switches work
• Clean floors and vacuum rugs and carpeting
• Fix any doors or sliding glass doors that stick
• Keep toys inside children’s rooms in orderly fashion
• Clean out your garage
• Dispose of anything you are not going to move
• Make sure the garage door opener is in good working condition
• Make sure the front door and entry area are clean
• Repaint the front door if necessary
• Keep the lawn and shrubs trimmed and neat looking
• The proper landscaping can add an attractive and inviting touch
• Sweep walkways and driveways
• Consider painting or touching up your house
• Check the roof and gutters
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